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Building Emotional Resilience in Children

2 x Audio CD

It’s easy to spot the behaviourally disruptive child… who has a habit of throwing tantrums and chairs, or the hyperactive child who goes from 0 to 100 in 2.3 seconds, but the anxious child often goes unnoticed. They are the ones that we realise there’s a problem when it’s all too late.

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Dads and Lads

1 x Audio CD

Boys love adventure, danger and mischief

Such thrill-seeking and daring is a part of growing up, but quite distinct from the behavioural development of most girls. As such, bringing up boys can be quite different to girls. If we, as Dads truly want to raise exceptional young men, our focus should not only be on ensuring boys conform to our behavioural guidelines, but also to place emphasis on building a boy’s character and integrity.

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What Are You Worth?

3 x Audio CD

Low levels of self-esteem play a defining role in the difficulties many face in early childhood.

However, our perception of what self-esteem is, what it means to have a “poor” level, and the methods of cultivating it are rarely accurate. Although we are told so frequently that poor self-esteem is such a large problem among our youth, we are not told how to go about amending such deficits.

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