Building Emotional Resilience in Children

Building Emotional Resilience in Children

It’s easy to spot the behaviourally disruptive child…
who has a habit of throwing tantrums and chairs, or the hyperactive child who goes from 0 to 100 in 2.3 seconds, but the anxious child often goes unnoticed. They are the ones that we realise there’s a problem when it’s all too late.

Because childhood anxiety is one of the greatest risk factors for dysfunctional behaviour and psychiatric problems in teenage years, it’s really important to understand not only how negative emotions work and what we can do to beat them, but also how we can develop the kind of emotional resiliency that effectively prevents emotional distress.

TESTIMONIALS “The way you explained the different aspects of why children behave in a certain manner and how we can reprogram them was an eye opener. Dr Robi, you are an excellent communicator. Thank you for blessing us with your expertise… your passion for what you do is so refreshing.” – S.T. & G.S. GoodLife Community Church and Recreation Centre

“Even though Dr Robi’s Emotional Resilinecy Program was designed for children, it has given me practical, effective exercises to help control and conquer my own anxiety. As an adult who suffered for extremely deep-seeded anxiety, the techniques and principles learnt in this program are not only effective for children, but the whole family. – D.S. (Senior Systems Engineer), Queensland, Australia

“Fantastic! I learned a lot and am so grateful to Dr Sonderegger. He was so entertaining, confident and informative. My husband was also really impressed.” – D.B. (Parent), Queensland, Australia

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