New Habits

eCOUCH-NewHabits: Addressing Cravings & Temptations DVD

New Habits: Addressing Cravings and Temptation

DVD and Workbook

Part of the eCOUCH Series

Presented by Dr Robi Sonderegger

Take a seat on Dr Robi’s eCOUCH…

In this intimate one-on-one therapy simulation, Dr Robi takes the latest empirical evidence and explains it in easy-to-understand ways for practical application. Dr Robi’s eCOUCH is an innovative education series designed to equip and empower you and your family with life-changing resiliency skills.

This program:

  • Examines how simple pleasures in life can become maladaptive controlling habits
  • Reviews the most up to date neuroscience on addictions, obsessions and compulsive behaviours
  • Teaches life skills to not only overcome temptation and cravings, but to renew you mind and ultimately master destructive habitual patterns of behaviour.

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eCOUCH - New Habits: Addressing Cravings & Temptation DVD
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