What Are You Worth?

What Are You Worth? CD

Low levels of self-esteem play a defining role in the difficulties many face in early childhood.
However, our perception of what self-esteem is, what it means to have a “poor” level, and the methods of cultivating it are rarely accurate.

Although we are told so frequently that poor self-esteem is such a large problem among our youth, we are not told how to go about amending such deficits. Many of us are left wondering what self-esteem is and how we come to have such a “poor” level of it in the first place.

This program address radically challenges traditionally accepted assumptions about self-esteem and teaches innovative and practical ways to promote true long lasting self-worth and confidence in children (and adults).

TESTIMONIALS “Dr Robi Sonderegger draws upon his unique experiences working with families around the world to develop this well-informed, evidence-based, multi-faceted self-esteem and confidence building program. His innovative approach to self-esteem is such a refreshing change. Highly recommended!” – Dr Sacha Rombouts, Psychologist, Paediatric-Forensics

Absolute compelling listening! This self-esteem audio program captures the heart of building self-worth and confidence in a way I have never before heard. Yet another superb example of Dr. Robi Sonderegger’s ability to equip families with practical strategies for personal empowerment in easy to understand ways. An absolute must for parents with children of all ages!” – Dr Paul McCormac, Clinical Psychologist (Paediatrics).

What Are You Worth? 3 x Audio CD
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