Taking Psychology from the frontline to the home front.

As an internationally recognised Clinical Psychologist, Dr Robi's educational curriculums are used in in 25 different nations across the globe.

Virtual Workshops

Workshops combine the latest industry research in clinical Psychology and Neuroscience. However, it's Dr Robi's vibrancy and relatable style that strikes a chord with everyday people.

Live Events

Dr Robi is highly sought after as a keynote speaker (having presented live in to more than 1.5 million people worldwide in the past decade).

For bookings and inquiries please email at info@drrobi.com


As an expert consultant in people systems, Dr Robi works with corporations, governments, churches, universities/schools and humanitarian agencies.

Access the EMPOWER Program

EMPOWER is an educational program designed to help people deal with difficult challenges and personal misfortune. This program draws from the best of empirical research and Biblical insights to help participants effectively respond and recover well.

Access the GROW Program

GROW is an educational program designed to help people grow through critical incidents (e.g. tragedy, betrayal, injury, civil conflict, bankruptcy, natural disaster, exploitation).

Frontline trauma rehabilitation.

For the past 15 years, Dr Robi has dedicated much of his time to working with survivors of war, natural disaster and human trafficking. His empowerment programs are currently being utilised in six continents and have had more than 400,000 graduates.

Home front community empowerment.

With more than 25 years of industry experience, Dr Robi's educational resources (Virtual Workshops, MasterClasses and Online Courses) range in topic from Emotional Resilience, Healthy Habits, and Post-traumatic Growth, through to Peak Performance, Relationships and Parenting.

Empower Yourself for Change

The highly acclaimed EMPOWER program is now available for Christian families throughout our nation.